Curly birch veneer

Curly birch veneer

Curly birch veneer is mostly used for manufacturing highly decorative furniture and panelling luxurious ships, houses and high-end cars.

Well patterned curly birch offcuts are a great material for woodworkers who are crafting stunning items like jewellery boxes, marquetry inlays and mosaics. Veneer with the stunning colors, curly and grainy pattern is valued material for making sustainable wooden jewellery such as pendants, rings and earrings. Leftovers of our veneer are used as donation to schools and kindergartens for sustainable use of wood.

We produce our Curly birch veneer in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology; thanks to the cooperation we can use the best knowledge in practice for producing veneer. Our cooperation also supports Estonian science.

Our veneer is a turned veneer with a standard thickness of 0.5mm. The veneer sheet is covered with a characteristically curly or grainy pattern that combines flame-like surfaces with an almost silky radiance.

Our produced veneer is a machine-cut third veneer with a standard sheet size of 990x390x0.5mm. The veneer sheet is covered with a characteristic grainy, curly and flamed pattern to the extent of approx. 2/3. Veneer may contain a few small knots that can be easily repaired or cut out. If needed the veneer surface can be sanded for further processing.

The veneer is properly dried, it can be easily glued to the surface with wood glue. Please notice, that Curly birch surface is after drying wavy and needs to flattened, we suggest to moisturise it with water or wood glue before further woodworking.

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