Sustainable use of wood

The sustainable use of wood

We still have untouched virgin nature in the Nordics with thick forests and perhaps even too many wolves and bears. Our goal is to maintain all this diversity and preserve it for next generations with sustainable use of wood. We grow our Curly birch trees in a field near our country house – in other words, on a Curly birch farm.

Tightly controlled felling of curly birch and the fact that it can only be harvested in mid-winter when the ground is frozen, make it a rare wood used for premium pieces of furniture, but it is also sustainable.

We grow more than 60% of the Curly birch wood for sale on our own farm, and the rest is purchased from Estonian growers who belong to the Curly Birch Society. We know exactly where each branch we sell comes from and how the forest was grown, managed, and felled, and we ensure that it is done 100% in an environmentally friendly way.

If possible, we try to use as much Curly birch wood as possible: in the summer, we make sauna birch whisks. The world famous Puukko knife handles are mainly crafted from this beautiful and durable wood. Everything that is left over from the production of Curly birch veneer or materials from knife handles finds grateful buyers among hobbyists and jewelers. Their products made from Curly birch can also be purchased from our e-shop.

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