Curly birch veneer

We produce our Curly birch veneer in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology. Thanks to our cooperation we can use the best knowledge for producing the veneer. Our cooperation also supports Estonian science.

Our veneer is a turned veneer with a standard thickness of 0.5mm. The veneer sheet is covered with a characteristically curly or grainy pattern that combines flame-like surfaces with an almost silky radiance.

curly birch
curly birch

Wood for DIY art

Curly birch wood is a very highly valued material among craftsmen. Everyone knows Puukko knives made by famous Nordic blacksmiths. Those knife handles are made of this wood, because it is beautiful, tough, and durable. The curly birch is an exclusive tree used to make outstanding items, which can include bows, pipes, handbags, watches, jewelry: the only limit is your imagination!

Our selection includes dried  wood with a beautiful pattern and also dried and stabilized  wood, which has been made weatherproof and humidity-resistant.

The sustainable use of curly birch wood

We still have untouched virgin nature in the Nordics with thick forests and perhaps even too many wolves and bears. Our goal is to maintain all this diversity and preserve it for next generations. We grow our trees in a field near our country house – in other words, on a Curly birch farm.  

Tightly controlled felling and the fact that it can only be harvested in mid-winter when the ground is frozen, make it a rare wood used for premium pieces of furniture, but it is also sustainable.

curly birch
wholesale wood to b2b

Wholesale wood to B2B customers

Wholesale wood to B2B customers. As the owners of the curly birch plantation, we are also able to provide both unprocessed and processed wood for manufacturers in large quantities.


Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping cost is related per parcels weight and destination.

Yes, of course. You can return the product within 14 days after receiving the product and we will refund you. Delivery costs are not included in the refund.

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