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Curlybirchwood is providing curly birch wood in wide range. We have enough supplies including untreated curly birch logs, dried wood, scales, blanks and finished products as well.

As Curly birch plantation owners we manufacture our wood by ourselves and therefore we can offer curly birch wood almost in all variations with a reasonable price. Please contact us directly if you need customized solutions!

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Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping cost is related per parcels weight and destination.

Our processing time is no longer than 2 business days.

Yes, of course. You can return the product within 14 days after receiving the product and we will refund you. Delivery costs are not included in the refund.

Wood stabilization is in short wood preservation to improve wood strength, hardness and durability. We are using vacuum to impregnate wood cellular structure with cactus juice.

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