Curly birch stand thinning-time!

Winter has come and now is the right time to prune our plantation. The trees that we planted 18 years ago have grown so large that there is now a competition for the light and nutrients in the soil. 

“So, with a heavy heart we’ll take our saw and start cutting”


So, with a heavy heart we’ll take our saw and start cutting. We have planted these trees ourselves, watered, weeded and pruned them every summer, so cutting them down is a somewhat sad inevitability for us. However, it is necessary for the strong and beautiful trees to continue growing. Without thinning the stand, we would have a field full of stunted trees. 

Traditionally, high-quality wood meant for carpenters is cut in the winter, when the trees are frozen and according to researchers: full of sucrose. This wood is great and durable.

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