Our Karelian birch story

Karelian birch wood since 2004

Curlybirchwood is a family business, which literally started to grow in 2004, when we planted the first small Karelian birch trees on the farm we inherited from our grandparents. 

Curly birches, also known as Karelian birches, like any other living thing, need a lot of care in the beginning: watering, hand weeding, and protection from cute but very greedy roe deer. And then some more weeding, plus pruning and thinning. All this physical labor reminds us that we are an ancient rural people! This is how our Karelian birch trees keep us rooted in the countryside, despite the fact that we have lived in Tallinn with our family for a long time.

As owners of a curly birch plantation, we know all of our birch trees and work to bring out their best features. Curiosity has led us to experiment and succeed in both Karelian birch wood preservation experiments and veneer production. All so that you too can enjoy this Nordic beauty.


Rita Rubin

Business owner

Sales and customer care

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Raivo Lükk


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Mai-Triin Rubin

Social media manager

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Our mission is to add value to local sustainably grown Curly birch and to share our customers the beauty of this Nordic wood.


Our vision is to become one of the leading producing and exporting companies of curly birch wood in Nordic countries by 2027.


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