Knifemaking supplies – Masur Birch scales. Dimensions 16x37x150mm; set of 16 scales

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Set of 16 premium grade masur birch  scales.

Size: 16 x 37 x 150 mm; 0.63 x 1.45 x 5.9 in

Perfect for carving bigger sized full tang knife handles.


1 side can contain a bit less pattern or a smaller knot.


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Curly birch, also known as Karelian masur birch or just birch burl wood. These scales is an ideal material for crafting a wide range of items. Highly recommended for crafting full tang knife handles. Additionally, this Masur Birch wood is a popular choice for creating exquisite wooden jewelry or marquietry.

Key features of these Masur birch handle scales:

  • You’ll receive a set of 16 scales
  • wood is kiln-dried and crack free.
  • Scales contain a premium-grade curly pattern on one side. The other side may display a slightly less pattern or contain smaller imperfections.

Additional information about Curly birch
Curly birch, highly prized exotic wood, originates from the small geographic region between Finland and Russia. Abundant in the Karelian area, this dense, heavy wood boasts a unique, curly pattern and is also known as Masur Birch, Birch Burl, Burl Wood, or Birch Burr. Its striking grain pattern resembles that of burl wood or Birdseye maple, though they differ in origin.

Scandinavian craftsmen have valued Masur Birch for centuries due to its remarkable beauty and workability, making it a sought-after choice for knife-making and other artisanal projects. This curly birch wood is one of the world’s ten most expensive exotic woods, typically sold by weight. Due to its light-demanding and slow-growing nature, it’s cultivated on sunny slopes in nutrient-rich soil, often in former agricultural areas.

Despite its status as an exotic wood, Karelian Birch isn’t regulated by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). This ensures that using and trading this valuable wood doesn’t threaten wildlife or the biodiversity of tropical rainforests. Embrace its unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship potential without compromising the environment.

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