Curly birch pen blocks. Set of 10pcs. Dimensions 25x26x155mm

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Our 10-piece set of Curly Birch pen blocks are an economic and practical solution for woodworkers.The blocks serve as a solid starting point for a range of projects from pens to intricate wooden jewelry.

Dimensions: 25 x 26 x 155mm / 0.98 x 1.02 x 6.1 inches.

Given dimensions may vary slightly. Most blocks are bigger than described. All blocks are visible on listing pictures.

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Our 10-piece set of Curly Birch pen blocks offers a practical solution for woodworkers looking to expand their craft with quality material. Suitable for making wands, pens and wooden jewelry.

Curly birch, or Masur Birch, is renowned for its striking patterns, making it a favorite for making pens, which showcase the wood’s natural beauty. But its use extends far beyond pen turning. The wood’s fine grain and workability make it suitable for a variety of small-scale projects, like wooden jewelry. Artisans who specialize in creating beads, rings, earrings, and pendants will find these blocks ideal for crafting unique, handcrafted items.

The price point for this set of 10 curly birch pen blocks is significantly less than what you would pay purchasing each block separately.


Thickness: 25 mm / 0.98 in
Width: 26 mm / 1.02 in
Length: 155 mm / 6.1 in

Dimensions vary slightly, most blocks are bigger than described. The blocks come kiln-dried and in their raw state, not sanded, to preserve the wood’s integrity.

Working with our Masur Birch blocks is straightforward and rewarding. The wood is cooperative under tools, responding well to cutting, shaping, and finishing. It’s also an excellent material for those looking to apply their own finishes, such as stabilizing or dyeing, as the wood takes to such treatments very well, making it a fantastic choice for custom work.

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