Karelian birch, exotic veneer turning leftovers. Premium. 3 sheets


Curly birch veneer turning leftovers. Set of 3 sheets. Dimensions: 120 x 290 x 0,5 mm. Machined (turned), properly dried and well-patterned Curly birch veneer. Perfect for gluing to another type of wood to give an exclusive look to your woodworking!

Please notice that Curly birch veneer comes raw and unprocessed. It means that veneer sheets are wavy and need to be flattened. The most common method is to moisturize the veneer throughout using water.

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Curly birch, also known as Karelian birch or birch burl veneer offcuts. These well-patterned exotic veneer turning leftovers are used in the production of highly valued woodwork like wooden jewellery or marquetry.

Machine turned Karelian birch veneer is with a standard thickness of 0,5 mm. The veneer is properly dried, without further processing. At least 70% of the exotic veneer sheet is covered with the beautiful curly birch’s grainy, wavy pattern. Veneer sheets may contain (but not necessarily) small decorative knots in the middle of a pattern.

As this veneer is leftover from A-grade veneer, turning it is meant for smaller craft items. Veneer may contain some cracks which are easily repairable with a proper glue. For Curly birch, it is common for the patterned surface spots to be thinner. The surface will flatten out after processing and/or gluing. Unprocessed Karelian birch veneer can be in many different colors. The variations are from white to pink or bronze.

We recommend pre-moistening the veneer with water before woodworking, as untreated veneer is wavy and needs to be flattened. Properly moisturised Curly birch veneer can be processed easily for both large and small items. The veneer surface looks almost luminous after processing.

Curly birch veneer can be used to create natural and timeless items, such as precious marquetry, lamps, wooden jewellery and other valuable items.

Additional information about Curly birch:

Curly birch’s also known as Karelian birch, Masur birch or Birch burl. Curly birch’s grainy patterned wood belongs to the world’s ten most expensive among the precious woods. Despite its appearance, Curly birch is not considered an endangered species because the curly part is a genetical variation (mutation) of the silver birch which gives the tree its unique pattern. Therefore, the cultivation of curly birch is environmentally friendly, because this valued wood originates mainly from former agricultural areas.

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