Karelian masur birch wood. Size 31x50x152mm. Set of 30 pcs of standard grade handle wood.


  • Dimensions: 31 x  50 x 152mm; 1.22 x 1.97 x 5.98 in
  • Standard grade, ideal for full tang knife handles or cutting into bookmathing scales
  • May include minor imperfections or less patterning on one side
  • Kiln-dried and crack-free
  • Photos show moistened wood to highlight the pattern, but are shipped  dry

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Karelian Masur Birch, called in Nordics also  Curly Birch wood. This species is growing exclusively in the EU Nordic region. Set of 30 carefully selected pieces. Perfect for crafting handles for knives.  Curly Birch is known for its distinctive, swirling grain patterns and a warm, natural glow that embodies the untouched wilderness of the Nordic forests.

Blocks may feature minor imperfections like live edges or less patterning, enhancing the natural character and authenticity. The photographs illustrate the wood moistened to reveal its intricate patterns, but all blocks are shipped dry.  Wood is kiln dried and crack-free.

As a rare and exotic wood species, Curly Birch is highly prized by artisans worldwide for its combination of durability, workability, and stunning visual appeal.

Weight 6000 g
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