Dyed, stabilized Karelian masur birch pen blocks. 24x24x153mm


Set of three Karelian Masur Birch pen blocks. Each block is expertly stabilized and dyed blending dark brown with red.

Size: Minimum 24 x 24 x 153 mm or 0.9 x 0.9 x 6 inches.
Color: Distinctive “lava” mix of dark brown and red, becomes vivid upon polishing.
Stabilized: Expertly treated for durability and moisture resistance.
Condition: Arrives sanded but not fully polished; preview the final look with alcohol treatment.
This is PEFC-certified, sustainably-sourced wood.

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This set of three dyed Karelian masur birch pen blocks is a practical choice for those interested in pen turning or creating small wooden jewelry items. Each block is treated with professional-grade Turntex resin, resulting in a subtle yet distinct color blend of dark brown and red, reminiscent of a lava flow. This ‘lava’ coloration is not overly flashy but offers a pleasant and warm aesthetic that becomes more pronounced after polishing.

These blocks are sized specifically for pen crafting, measuring about 24 x 24 x 153 mm or roughly 0.9 x 0.9 x 6 inches. This size is just right for most pen projects, providing enough material for comfortable handling and shaping without being excessive.

In our process, we pay special attention to the stabilization of each birch block. By using Turntex resin, we ensure that the wood is sufficiently stabilized, making it more durable and resistant to moisture. This treatment process doesn’t just toughen the wood; it also helps to maintain its natural look and feel. As a result, these dyed masur birch pen blocks are significantly harder than traditional oak, yet they retain the birch’s inherent beauty.

We provide the blocks sanded but not fully polished, leaving room for personal customization. For a sneak peek at the final look, we’ve treated the blocks with alcohol in the images provided.

These blocks are also PEFC-certified, assuring you that they come from sustainably managed forests.

The images we include aim to give you a clear representation of what you’ll receive – the exact blocks shown are the ones you get. However, please bear in mind that due to different screen settings and lighting conditions, the actual color of the blocks might slightly vary from the pictures.

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