Superb grade stabilized Masur birch wood. Dimensions: 30x48x194mm


Unique patterned, professionally stabilized Curly Birch block, also widely known as Masur Birch. Ideal for crafting larger handles, this stabilized wood showcases rare and eye-catching patterns. Rest assured, the block you see in the pictures is the exact one you’ll receive, with all sides clearly displayed for your convenience.
Dimensions: 30 x 48 x 194 mm or 1.18 x 1.89 x 7.63 inches.

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Masur birch, known as Curly birch or Karelian birch, stabilized block. Stabilized with Turntex resin in a professional grade. Perfect for making a bigger size knife handle or for cutting into smaller blocks.

Weight 400 g
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