Wood for DIY art

Wood for DIY art

Curly birch for DIY art and as knife handle wood is the perfect option as the best patterned wood is beneath the bark. Therefore this kind of wood is highly valued material among craftsmen.

Curly birch wood offers a wonderful figure and it has a beautiful texture adding nice contrast to other woods. Untreated wood shavings and offcuts are perfect for making smaller wood craft like rings, earrings, pendants and marquetry. Easy to paint and decorate. 

The curly birch is an exclusive tree used to make outstanding items, which can include bows, pipes, handbags, watches, jewellery. The only limit is your imagination!

Everyone knows Puukko knives made by famous Nordic blacksmiths. Curly birch is the perfect knife handle wood  because it is beautiful, tough, and durable.

Our selection includes dried curly birch wood with a beautiful pattern, dried and stabilised curly birch wood, which has been made weatherproof and humidity-resistant. We also provide curly birch veneer leftovers, which can be used to make lightweight jewellery, decorative parts for musical instruments and even stylish eco-friendly one-of-a-kind bags.

Our goal is to use all of the wood we cut both the beautifully patterned trunk and an offcuts and veneer producing leftovers. The curly birch bark is also collected, carefully dried and used as a fire starter. The wood allows us to use it in a thousand ways! So do not hesitate to ask customised solutions!

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