Burlwood blank with live edges. Dimensions 52x130x485mm



Width varys 110-170mm measured from both sides of plank.

This wood is perfect for making a bigger items. Suits for making a bow handle. You can  cut into a several pieces and make quite a lot standard size knife handles of it.  Please notice that given dimensions contain bark. You will receive exactly the same plank that is presented on pictures. Plank comes kiln dried and sanded.

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Dried burlwood blank. This Curly birch blank is  well covered with the characteristic birch burlwood pattern. it is perfect for bigger woodworking projects or cutting into smaller blocks if needed.

Please notice that you will get exactly the same blank that is on the pictures. Please see the pictures and ask for more information if needed. This wood contains some imperfections like knots and/or smaller edge cracks. However, these can be cut off easily. The birch burlwood blank manufactured by us is cut properly at wintertime, kiln dried and sawn manually. Our purpose is to bring out the best in this beautiful wood pattern that contains both flame- and curly figures.

Additional information about Curly birch:

Curly birch’s also known as Karelian birch, Masur birch or Birch burl. Curly birch  grainy pattern wood belongs to the world’s ten most expensive among the precious wood. Despite of its appearance, Curly birch is not considered as endangered species because the curly birch is a genetical variation (mutation) of a silver birch which gives the tree its unique pattern. Therefore, the cultivation of curly birch is environmentally friendly, because this valued wood originates mainly from former agricultural areas.

Our plantation curly birch trees are certified clones of famous Finnish curly birch tree called “Visa Kuningatar“ The seller of this wood, Rita Rubin, is a member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Seller PEFC certification number is TT-PEFC-FM006. You can find PEFC certified forest owners here: https://pefc.org/find-certified

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