Stabilized Curly Birch wood block. Dimensions 29x49x148mm


Stabilized and dyed curly birch block.

Size: 29 x 49 x 148mm; 1.14 x 1.92 x 5.82 inches

You will receive excatly the same block that is presented on the pictures.  Perfect for carving knife handles, pens, wooden jewelry or for any other timeless precious handcrafted object. Curly birch block is stabilized and dyed with cactus juice based resin throughout in a professional grade. This block comes lightly sanded but not fully polished.

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Curly birch wood, known also as Karelian birch or Masur birch block. Excellent material for carving decorative items and works of art.

More about this stabilised Curly birch wood block:

  • Resin stabilised Curly birch block with dimensions 30*40*127mm
  • Perfect for carving traditional size hidden tang knife handles, pipes,  bowls or luxurious wooden boxes.
  • We stabilise only the best patterned blocks, so it is considered as premium quality wood.
  • Curly birch blanks are impregnated with stabilising resin throughout in a professional grade.
  •  Our wood is felled properly at the wintertime, dried at least for 2 years and then manually sawn. Our purpose was to bring out the best of the Birch burl pattern including flame- and curly figures. 
  • Main color of the wood is turquoise blue.

Purpose of stabilisation is to make birch burl wood even 3x harder than oak wood. Processing the wood with resin exposes wood´s natural beauty and most important: this process makes Curly birch wood resistant to humidity. We process our wood with non-toxic and non-flammable cactus juice.

Please notice that wood is a natural material. Each stabilised Curly birch wood block has its unique appearance. Resin stabilised Curly birch wood can (but not necessarily) contain small decorative knots or easily repairable inner cracks. The block comes already lightly sanded and is ready for woodworking.

Additional information about Curly birch:

Curly birch (Betula pendula var. Carelica) is not a separate species but is a genetical variation of Silver Birch. That is to say it grows only in small area in Scandinavia, Karelia and Finland.  

Curly birch grainy pattern wood belongs to the world’s ten most expensive among the exotic wood. Nevertheless, this wood is considered as a sustainable wood due to the fact, that most of the exotic wood comes from the tropical rainforests. Curly birch is a light-demanding and slow-growing tree. Therefore this valuable quality wood is cultivated as stands in former agricultural areas or other nutritious, rich soils on sunny slopes.  

Even though Curly birch is considered as an exotic wood, the trade of this wood is not regulated with Cites regulation (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). So, the manufacturing and use of this beautiful exotic wood does not harm wildlife and natural diversity of tropical rainforests.

Our plantation curly birch trees are certified clones of most famous Finnish curly birch tree called “Visa Kuningatar“. The seller of this wood, Rita Rubin, is the member of Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Seller PEFC certification number is TT-PEFC-FM006. You can find PEFC certified forest owners here:

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